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Steam Friends server connectivity issue [PRIMARY REPORT]
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This ticket was created to gather data about problems with connecting to a server hosted by Steam friends or inability to see other servers. This behavior was introduced with the end of Game Spy technology.

Before you submit your input, please make sure that you have tried to forward ports on your router to values to be always +1 in relation to the game network port (e.g. a server hosted via port 3202, has its Steam query port at 3203).

Please also check that your firewall is not blocking the connection as well.

As a temporary work-around, for those who cannot forward their ports (colleges, some cable connection solutions) or the forwarding is not successful for some reason, it is possible to use third-party-softwares to emulate local network (such as Evolve etc.). Please note that we cannot guarantee their functionality.

If nothing of this help, please add comment to this ticket and we'll try to address your issue.


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Peter added a comment.Sep 27 2014, 7:13 PM

Lets see if we are lucky with the next patches and the problem is finally solved.

danmo added a comment.Oct 14 2014, 3:32 PM

Just wanted to say that it is still not working

25 days since the last post and it's still not working!

Tavish added a comment.Nov 9 2014, 7:23 PM

The only way I can host a game properly (my friends see the game instantly on the server browser) is to switch my router to modem mode (disables all routing functions and wifi). An ugly fix just to host a game...
Forwarding ports or even a DMZ doesn't have any effect. Friends still cannot see the game etc
The router itself is a Virgin Media SuperHub2 (100mb cable connection) and is working fine and I can host any other game I want, just not Arma 3.

Until recently, I couldn't host games at all until I unsubscribed and deleted all Workshop content.

It now works for me! I verified my cache (first time playing since the recent update) and even though it didn't seem to update any files, it now works!

I'm so happy :D

for me it stopped working, after it worked forever. (server not visible in server list, server doesn't respond to my steam friend after steam invitation) i suspect that a firmware-update of my router may be the cause. port-forwarding is set up correctly!

is there a way to test, if the ports are open for my ip? the router interfaces states, that port are open for my ip, but i don't trust it, since it stopped working after a forced firmware update...

*edit* false alarm: my internet provider changed my connection to ipv6, so any ipv4 connection would run through a gateway/proxy blocking ports regardless of my local settings.

Peter added a comment.Feb 8 2015, 6:41 PM

Hi all,
Still I cant play with friends nor they cant see me. Is this issue will find a solution before the marksman dlc? I hope so.

Peter added a comment.Mar 14 2015, 9:53 AM

Hi all;
I check again this yesterday with my brother on stable branch patch 1.40 and we still cannot see each other. Invites and join game doesn't work.
Please keep us updated with the progression of this issue.

JayyTee added a subscriber: JayyTee.May 7 2016, 7:29 PM

Hi everyone,

for me it is still not working. Checked last weekend with a friend (2015-04-25).

How about you guys?

Peter added a comment.Apr 28 2015, 4:42 PM

@JayyTee. For me the only way to make it work is with Evolve. It works great but without this is impossible, at least for me.

Thanks for the tip Peter. I need to try that some time :)

I tried via Hamachi (VPN) before but that did not really work out optimally. Too slow and too many desyncs.

But in general it's just really not cool that Bohemia is not able to provide a fully functioning multiplayer. I mean, we paid for it!

Hosting via UPnP works like a charm for me as of the 1.42 update! Thanks for at least partially fixing the problem =)