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Minor case of missing and poorly adapted translations (Russian localization)
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  1. Within the players section of map screen (in MP), there are three contextual commands that can be performed on any given player. Of those three, only "Mute" is translated and the rest fall back to their English versions (see attachment).
  1. The in-game notification for missing DLC content, which pops up on the right side of screen in default layout, has a technically correct translation of its shortcut but one that does not fit within bounds established by its English counterpart. This is likely due to the fact that the translated text is unabbreviated in Russian version. Compare the two - LSHIFT+P v. ЛЕВЫЙ SHIFT+P
  1. As a rule of thumb, guillemets are the primary and preffered quotation marks used in written Russian language. So for example, in translations of vehicle names, ПО-30 «Касатка» would be prefered to ПО-30 "Касатка" (current style). {F24838} {F24839}


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thanks for submiting the ticket.
If you have any suggestions for translations, you can attach them in a text file (English > Suggested translation), it would help us a lot.

Thank you very much.

Added the attachment with my suggestions.

In case of the translated DLC shortcut not fitting my only suggestion would be to do the same as in English version and abbreviate to first letter:


With punctuation mark for clarity, since it's all caps.

Was that enough information or is there any way I can be of more help to you in resolving this issue?

Mute - Заглушить
Vote kick - За исключение
Vote admit - За администратора

I was thinking the same for "Mute" at first, but stumbled in deciding on what would be a decent antonym in that pair.

What would you suggest for the opposite ("Unmute")?

In line with Killzone_Kid's suggestions, here are some alternatives. In case of "Vote kick", although informal, it is actually a more commonly used term among the players themselves:

Vote kick - Кикнуть (calque of the English "kick")
Vote admin - Назначить админом
Mute/Unmute - Заглушить/Дать голос (literally "Gag"/"Ungag")

Заглушить/Озвучить? Mute/Unmute

But probably Убрать голос/ Добавить голос is better or even better, Выключить голос/Включить голос

Vote admin - Предложить администратором?
Vote kick - Предложить исключить?

Imo functions like these should be icons, for universal understanding across the globe.

I agree,
The best case scenario would be the abstraction of common functions like these to iconic representations. Beside being universal on first sight, this would also solve the issue of screen space budgeting. Full descriptions can be provided as comments (mouseover text), with proper (non-Gamer) English as original, thus giving localization teams enough sensible context to deliver a more accurate translation.