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Animation Sources and Eventhandler for Missile and Weapon Locking
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Target Locking is a big part in Arma 3. Modern systems have all sorts of warning systems.

To create nice cockpit interfaces it would be really helpfull to have new animation sources for model.cfg that allow animations in case a weapon is locking a target, and also have animations when the vehicle itself is locked by another weapon. We have animsources for position lights and motorcycle stands, but no locking... please consider adding them.
AnimSource | Description |SimulationClass
targetlock | Binaryvalue of weapon having locked on |Weapon
islocked | Binary value of vehicle beeing locked on |Vehicle

It would also help to have an Eventhandler for the two mentioned situations (beeing locked, locking yourself) Atm there is only the "IncomingMissile" Event that only works if a vehicle is fired at by locked missile.
This could aid in new electronic warfare scripts or advanced model animations


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