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Group leader cursor while in FFV position
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The problem is direct orders for group/vehicle moving into a new position while player as a leader is on FFV position and in 1st person view. The commander cursor while in not moving the same way as player's look.


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Firing from Vehicles
Steps To Reproduce

1] open editor
2] place player rifleman and AI MH-9
3] set player as a leader of the MH-9
4] play
5] get in on FFV position (left front)
6] order the MH-9 via map to move across the map
7] while in air, try to order a new destination from 1st person directly in various angles and observe the difference between the commander cursor position and screen center

Additional Information

There is a workaround for this and that is aiming / optics mode. While you look trough the gun's sights, the cursor for commands is centered as it should be.

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thank you for the report. This is known issue which was introduced the day of release. Will be solved soon.