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[Video] Muzzle exhaust smoke spawns offset from the muzzle when vehicle is moving
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When the player's vehicle is moving and the player fires his rifle, the smoke spawns slightly to one side of the muzzle, resulting in the smoke flashing past the screen from one side to another


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Get on the side of an MH-9

Give the helicopter a waypoint

While the helicopter flies, fire the weapon (preferably in fully automatic mode)

Notice the smoke flashing past the screen.

This can be seen easily in 3rd person as well.

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I would like to point out that this is partly due to the way things seem to be rendered in first person. It seems as though your first person camera renders you (your vehicle/man class) above everything else. Anything thing that's not part of that (like the smoke from the shot you just fired, end up looking a bit strange. If you use the penetration test mission on the steam workshop, you'll notice that the lines seem to spawn slightly to the right of the end of your muzzle. And things that get too close to your vehicle in first person look strange, too, although this is more a problem when you have scripts that load things into vehicles. These pictures should help visualize what I'm explaining. Note that the man next to the ghosthawk was moved intentionally closer than he can walk up to it, same goes for the littlebird.

the first person render was chosen to prevent massive object clipping with vehicle geometry (we tried different approaches and this one was the best). I do not know what is meant by the offset spawning of the muzzle flash, would it be possible to upload a short video showing the problem?

Thank you very much.

It is an extremely fleeting effect, seen only when you are in the side of a fast moving vehicle. The smoke spawns to the side of the rifle closest to the front of the vehicle, meaning that it does not originate from the muzzle, but instead flies past your face.

I will try to upload a video tonight.

EDIT: Video link -

Hmm. this may be more than a first-person render issue.