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Custom Loadouts
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I am sorry if this was already reported. I make most of the mission my partner and I play in co-op. Unfortunately, on all the missions, I remove all inventory from vehicles and custom load them to what we use. In game, When I go into the vehicle inventory, the custom load out is there for me but my Co-op partner only sees the standard stock load out in the same vehicle. I have to pull items from the vehicle inventory that he cannot see on his end and place them on the ground for him so he can pick them up. Then get more for myself. This is all vehicles bu the way.


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Maybe your using non-global commands to load the vehicles? I don't know what your exactly trying to do...

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This works perfectly fine for me and my friends, could you maybe post exactly what you put in the "init" box of the vehicle?

Thank you guys for your friendly interest in the problem I am having. In the editor I place a supply truck and in the Ini field I place:

clearWeaponCargo this; clearMagazineCargo this; clearItemCargo this; this addMagazineCargo ["200Rnd_65x39_cased_Box_Tracer", 40]; this addMagazineCargo ["NLAW_F", 25]; this addMagazineCargo [oCharge_Remote_Mag];

This is to support the custom load out we are starting with. When I start the game and my friend joins, I can see the custom inventory in the supply truck as I have placed above but he can only see what comes stock. None of the custom inventory I place in the supply truck shows for him.

This happens in all the missions I create but never did when I edited in Arma 2 and I have done so for many years. It should also be noted I am using 2 scripts in my mission folder. "ATA Airdrop" and a "Revive" script. I wonder if it is possible that they are somehow interfering.

Lastly "Takehomethecup," I did not know there was "non global commands" in the init. field. I have never heard or used that.

addMagazineCargoGlobal, addWeaponCargoGlobal, ClearWeaponCargoGlobal etc. Just add Global to the end of the command, the syntax and parameters are the same as the non-global ones. ( addMagazineCargo, addWeaponCargo )

So, you would end up with this :
clearWeaponCargoGlobal this; clearMagazineCargoGlobal this; clearItemCargoGlobal this; this addMagazineCargoGlobal["200Rnd_65x39_cased_Box_Tracer", 40]; this addMagazineCargoGlobal ["NLAW_F", 25]; this addMagazineCargoGlobal [oCharge_Remote_Mag];
Hope I explained it well enough.

You need to use global cargo commands and in addition limit execution to the server only. Resolving as no bug.

You guys are really smart and I the feeble learner. Thank you for your help.

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