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Chernarus+ Incorporation
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For a long time in ARMA 2, I strayed away from making missions in ARMA 2 on Chernarus as it had barely any CQB gameplay with most buildings being un-enterable and all. Chernarus+ remedies that nearly completely as well as expanding the map.

It would be wonderful if Chernarus+ was available to all ARMA 3 owners to play with for not only a sense of nostalgia, but also bringing back one of the most memorable maps in the series, its already been roughly done in ARMA 3 just it has its errors like incorrect materials and crashing.


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As both games are licensed under the same developer it seems very possible to be done, especially as it is already set up on a earlier version of the engine, the only issue is that it is still in development but that could be solved by only using the first version made which was just the re-imaging of the ARMA 2 map?

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I think BI said something about backward compatibility, something about it not working with there new engine, I can't remember. I think they would have to remake the whole map in the Terrain Builder to avoid issues that have happened in A3 from island ports.

I recall issue with Pond Verticales, but nothing major, all the ports to ARMA 3 all work besides ponds.