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Cannot ALT+TAB if there are no other windows opened
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The game will not allow you to move to your desktop while its running by using ALT + TAB.


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Close all windows and start arma in window mode
After arma loaded try to Alt+Tab
Nothing happens
Click on windows taskbar to take focus off arma window and Alt+Tab
switchbar appears, it has Arma 3 and Desktop on it
select Arma 3
try Alt+Tab it doesnt work now as Arma 3 got focus
Open another app so that there is another window
Go back to arma and try Alt+Tab
windows 3.1 styled switchbar appears with 2 options, Arma 3 and opened app window
click on taskbar to take focus from arma
try Alt+Tab and themed switchbar appears with 3 options, arma 3, opened app and desktop

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Works for me, I always do this while using the editor...

You have to be in the menu, or have the game paused. It won't do it during play, this is by design to stop accidentally Alt-tabing out mid-game.

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I've tried doing it while the game is paused with ESC. No effect.
The game can only be alt tabbed if there is ANOTHER PROGRAM in the background.

Alt+Tab by default is switching you between the opened windows, this is windows functionality.

Well, for some reason only this application does not allow you to do it. Why is that?

Just tested this with other apps. Seems Arma 3 intercepts Alt+Tab because the switch bar that appears looks ancient, like something from Windows 3.1, while every other windows app displays themed switchbar which also includes desktop on it. I guess some UI elements need to be updated.

So i assume the status of this report is.. acknowledged?

Dunno, Iceman is the man to acknowledge it. I did what I could to bring it to his attention :)

Well, it works on Windows 8.

Still an issue in 1.40

Still an issue in 1.42

Still an issue in 1.44