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Slings Won't Pull Helicopters, and will stretch until they break
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If you try carry a slung vehicle though an object, the slings will stretch until they break.
I believe the distance they will stretch is too long, and does not exert enough force on the helicopter if there is any.

Here is a video displaying what I am talking about:

The video up till that time was to show steps to reproduce


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Sling Loading
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Attach a vehicle to a helicopter using sling load
  2. Fly to a static object on the map
  3. Try to move the vehicle through it by flying the helicopter over the object
  4. Strings will break if the vehicle can't go through
Additional Information

This is when using the new flight model with everything enabled.

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An idea to fix would be to have the strings snap after a certain force threshold instead of after a distance

Edit* Stretching should also provide more force on the helicopter as the rope gets longer