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Marid commander optics haven't been updated yet. Still the old commander optic!
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As the title says. When BIS overhauled the tank gunner and commander optics, they apparently forgot to overhaul the ones of the Marid. As it is currently, the commander slot of the Marid is completely useless.

In addition it produces some kind of claustrophobia syndroms due to its narrow field of view!

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I think the commander slot in Marid is pointless. The Otokar Arma (which the Marid is based on) has crew of two. The driver and commander/gunner. Besides, there is no physical commander scope on the model. I'll upvote this to get at least some kind of resolution. =)

muf added a comment.Jun 16 2015, 5:18 PM

Newer commander optics should be mounted in next dev branch update.
@suteri: You're right. We were aware that Otokar Arma is 2+8, but decided to add the commander to keep balance with the rest of vehicles of the same class.

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Thanks muf

Thanks muf. I do understand most of your decisions related to equipment, but can't agree to them all. :)