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"Show all" Button for Virtual Arsenal
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The virtual arsenal is very restrictive. Therefore an ammo bearer is not able to load magazines for others.

Because of this issue I request some kind of show-all-button to show all items, or even better a show-group-item-button to show all items (esp. mags) the group can use.


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Virtual Arsenal
Steps To Reproduce

open the Virtual Arsenal
select any weapon
try to put some magazine of another weapon in the inventory

Additional Information

it would be a nice-to-have and not much effort to achieve. additionally the virtual arsenal would feel more comfortable and one would not have to look up classnames anymore to design some custom loadout

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Are you meaning, to easily equip ammo for a different weapon other than your own, and not dropping all of your mags when you choose a different weapon? I think that issue is already being discussed and it may be an option to configure in your own settings.