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Unable to Animate Rocket Launcher
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While attempting to create a realistic M72A6 LAW Rocket Launcher for ARMA 3, it seems you cannot have a 'model.cfg' for a model that is configured as a Rocket Launcher.

In the case of the M72A6 LAW, the intended 'model.cfg' contained code to animate the rear sight to accommodate for the change in zeroing. The 'config.cpp' has the correct zeroing settings and works fine, as in you can adjust the zeroing and it will cycle through the eye points you have defined in the 'memory' LOD. When you then add the 'model.cfg' and binarize the model and load it into game, you crash instantly.


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Windows 7
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Take my rocket launcher, or make your own, or use another one. If no 'model.cfg' exists you can create one with a empty Animations class, as i have found that it is not the animation that causes the crash, but just the presence of a 'model.cfg' data in the binarized model.

I will be happy to provide my entire un-binarized addon to BI for testing, but i will prefer to not publicly post the un-binarized model files.

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It should also be noted, that the animation for the rear sight adjustment works fine when viewing the model in Buldozer.

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