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Upon starting Arma 3, an error message about my profiles shows up.
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When I start Arma 3, the message:

"Problem occured when saving profile data. This file may be set to read-only or can be blocked by another instance of the game (e.g, dedicated server)"

appears on my screen. This would usually be no problem to me, as I don't really care much to change my character's name/face/voice, but I need to set some different keybindings and it doesn't save anything after changing the keybindings. I suspect it could be that the profiles are being saved in my Documents, which are being shared throughout the computers in my house (it is not local). If this is the problem, I would like to know if there is a fix for this, or if I can change the place where my profiles are saved.


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For this error to happen, the profile data must be set to read-only, or blocked by another instance(in my case, the shared documents, which I heard reading about someone else's similar error).

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I have tried to verify game files through Steam, and I have checked to see if the file was set to read-only, and it wasn't.

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