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Game crashes absolutely randomly. Sometimes 5 minutes in, sometimes 3 hours in. Happens multiple times daily.
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I can be doing anything on any server, from Wasteland to Stratis Life, and the game just randomly crashes. Has been happening as long as I can remember, and finally got tired of it today. {F24697} {F24698}


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Play game. Wait. Experience random crash when the game decides to f%ck you over the hardest.

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I cannot upload the .mdmp file because it is over the 5mb limit. I have included the bidmp and rpt of the last 3-4 crashes.

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First of all, make sure it's on your end. Does the game crash when playing the campaign or other scenarios?

Altis/Stratis life and Wasteland are notoriously unstable and laggy because they deal with very large amounts of equipment being randomly spawned around, and often have many people on them. Be sure to try validating the integrity of your Arma 3 cache in the game's steam properties.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. When you uninstall, be sure to delete all files in your profile (documents) and root (Common/Arma3) to insure that all files are deleted. Then try reinstalling.

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windows 8.1, multiplayer, same thing

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happens to me too since last update, before it was ok now almost cant play 10 min in a row without crashing...

Has happened to me during single player campaign, and have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, and deleting files.

Iceman added a comment.Sep 1 2014, 9:22 AM

Hey, could you please attach the crashdumps again with mdmp files as well? You can use some file sharing device. It would help us a lot. Thanks again.

Here are all the crash files, including the mdmps, I believe there are 8 crashes in total over the course of 3 days, put into a zip file and uploaded to mediafire. Thanks for the response, Iceman!

Iceman added a comment.Sep 2 2014, 9:03 AM

these crashes are unfortunately known issue for 1.28 Stable version. I am closing this ticket as duplicate, please keep track of the linked original one.