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Exit without save
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I would like to request to redesign the "Save and exit" functionality.

Sometimes the actual state of the mission is not good for Save. If the player want to avoid the saving it should Alt+F4 from the game and restart the game. Yeah, it is a real pain in the ass.

In the multiplayer it is even worse. If we want to reload a the save game it is only possible via exit from the mission. Go to lobby and resume the mission, which load the last save game. Currently if we press the Save and Exit, then we can not reload other save game, only the last one(created by Save and Exit).


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+1 there is already separate Save option on exit menu, so at the moment it is either have "save" option and "exit+save" option or have no "save" option and "abort" without saving


in description.ext

saving = 0; both saving disabled
saving = 1;
both saving enabled
saving = 2; //"save" button is available but instead of "exit + save" there is abort button

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An additional way to do this (controlled by the player) would be to add the option to hold a key (such as shift) while pressing the Abort button to quit without saving. That way if you are ending a mission because you are tired of it you can choose to not save, but if you are suspending a mission because you have to go do something else, etc. you could have the game save for you.

Viso added a subscriber: Viso.May 15 2018, 3:53 PM

Woud defnetly love to see this Feature. For me this is really Basic what almost every Game has. As soon as you have an Option to Save & Exit you shoud have one to Exit without saving. I can't even shutdown the Game by Alt+F4. The Game is still kinda saving the Mission status. I have to reinstall the Game all the Time to get it to work again wich takes me 3h to Download. At the begining we didn't have those Buttons and now they changed it from no saving at all into a forced saving wich is not a Solution at all IMHO. I know this might only make Problems with 3rd Party Missions but still we do not have the Option to choose anymore wich is causing all this Trouble. The Missions have been wrothe since forever and i can understand that People dont want to work 1 Week for free to code everything new to make it work.

Cheers really hope to see some changes here.

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Still an issue in Nov. 2020.

Not to mention when I force quit the game to avoid the last save / continue quirk, the game deleted all my saves, with no way to getting them back!!! When I played the campaign, I CONSTANTLY kept backups! I played a scenario (mod) yesterday, for over 4 hours, and wanted to finished today... will never happen! 7 years later, you still enforce this rather brutally unfriendly save system!