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Side mirrors bugs and problems
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PiP is very useful feature in ArmA. It finally allows you to use side mirrors in vehicles. Unfortunately, there is a serious bug that negates the positive effect of this feature. When you get inside a vehicle that has side mirrors on both sides (i.e. Zamak or Ifrit), you will notice, that both of the mirrors reflect picture only on the left side of the vehicle, in other words, both of them show only the picture that should be shown only on left one. In case there are more than 2 side mirrors, the bug is always on one on the right side, or both on right side are bugged. Bug persist both in Single and Multiplayer.

*EDIT* Ok, I ran bigger test with all the vehicles in A3, and its shocking - most of them have half or non-working side mirrors !!!
Here i will list all the vehicles that have some kind of problem


  1. All Hunter variants (+ poor quality PiP)
  2. All HEMMT variants


  1. All Ifrit variants (+ poor quality PiP- make it better)
  2. Tempest - normal variant, transport open, repair, ammo (for some reason covered transport and medical are fine)


  1. All Strider variants (check link)

CIV and FIA:

  1. All Truck variants (check link)
  2. SUV

*Also, Zamak ammo and repair variants have non-working PiP (check link), other ones have bugged upper right side mirror.



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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get in any vehicle that has side mirrors on both sides
  2. Observe the left mirror, then right one
  3. You'll see that right mirror shows picture of left side (goes only for vehicles listed above, APC mirrors are fine, same goes for Tempest Covered and Tempest Medical)
Additional Information

Here is a detailed description of problems - made by (PotatoBalls)

No images are mirrored as they should be (including rearview monitor), side mirror sources are at the back of the vehicle.
Same issues as the Hunter.
No issues.
Both main side mirrors use single source placed behind the vehicle in the middle; mirrored correctly. Secondary circular mirrors not mirrored correctly.
Right side mirror uses left mirror's source.
Side mirror sources are placed at the back of the vehicle; rearview monitor is not mirrored correctly.
Rearview mirror is not mirrored correctly.
Tempest device and transport:
Left mirror uses right mirror's source, mounted behind the vehicle.
Tempest transport covered:
Mirror sources mounted behind vehicle.
Truck and Truck Boxer.
Left and right mirror sources switched; mounted behind vehicle.
Sources mounted behind vehicle; left mirror not mirrored corectly.
*Here's a link for what is meant by "not mirrored correctly"*

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Please vote this up, so we can get better vehicle experience

Agreed. This is very lazy on Bohemia's part, whats the point of even having this functionality in the engine if it won't be used?

This really is quite a large problem for people who drive in first person. Reversing a truck with mirrors that utterly misrepresent the area behind it is frustrating to say the least.

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