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Purchase Successful pop up window on screen while playing
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While playing had strange window come up on screen, see below screenshot. Hadn't made any additional DLC purchases since Arma 3 Karts DLC which was bought day after release. Was told by the guys in my group that someone else also had this appear though can't confirm. Had run recent redist packages from launcher performing 'first' time setup a few days previously.!2gA3yDxD!GFIWbP2NMRiSEwUByYPzIX1cxQd1o4S-QvCRi4aCHKc


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Quick update, noticed i now have two DLC bundle entries in my expansions menu, one hovered over displays the 'purchase' text, one doesn't. Haven't bought the DLC bundle or had it gifted to me.

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Had this too a few moments ago. Though i own the supporter edition. Somehow scary. :)

Woke comp from sleep with arma (in editor) alt tabbed and got this.

Happened again about 30 mins ago. Alt-tabbed out and back in and same pop-up.

just happened to me too, it made me go really quiet and paranoid lol

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Hello, the message appears only when the active Steam account gains ownership of some A3 related content (Steam let the game know that the ownership has changed). It's possible that it's caused by the glitch on Steam backend (we already had similar situation with internal version).

I've added some additional logging to Rpt file so we should have more information what is causing the message to appear. If this happen again, could you please put the Rpt file here, thank you.

Thx for the reply, will check rpt if it happens again.

Also happened to me at one point after alt+tabbing back in.