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Explosion sounds not occurring at long range
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Ever since the fix to the speed of sound, explosion sounds have not been audible at certain ranges they should be.
See Steps to Reproduce


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Enter the editor in the Virtual Reality map
  1. Place the player at the center of the map
  1. Exactly 2000m away, place a module Effects>CAS>CAS-Missile Strike, and angle it so that the CAS aircraft will be flying towards the player during his run.
  1. Preview the mission. Open your watch, and carefully keep track of the seconds.
  1. As soon as you see the explosions from the rockets, watch the clock.

Speed of Sound @ sea level in m/s - 340.29 m/s
2000m / 340.29 = 5.87733991595 or ~6s

The sound should come in about six seconds after the strike.

  1. Notice that the sound of the explosions does not come at all. The sound of the rockets firing *is* audible (although the sound comes at closer to 10s after they actually fire).
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EDIT: While this issue mainly pertains to explosions, all sounds fall off rather too quickly, in reality you can hear much further away than you currently can in game

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