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No center supported
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With the new patch the group i am part of has found an issue regarding the doors in the main airport terminal building on Altis.

On using the sliding doors or even the normal swing doors you get a spam in your report file of "No center supported". At first we thought it may be due to the mission we were running but after going on the editor with no mods and just one unit one of our mission makers found the source of the issue.

Now it may not seem a large bug, but when you consider if you run logs you can quite easily get a 500kb by opening and closing the doors a few times, and not just the person opening the door but also anybody else on the server will also get this error.


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  1. Open the Editor on the Altis map
  2. Place down 1 playable unit at the main airport terminal
  3. Open any of the doors in the terminal itself

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I can replicate this

thank you for reporting the problem, I have assigned it internally.