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Turn signals/Turn signal indicators for ground vehicles.
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Many modes would benefit from having vehicles with turn signals - think: Sandbox and RPG. One example is the Altis Life mod, which is heavily focused on vehicle transportation. Though turn signals would make Arma 3's vehicles all around more immersive and benefit said mod.


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And turn signal idiot lights on the dashboard would be great as well.
Considering the nature of the Karts DLC, this sort of thing should have been added with its release.

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The most players in Altis Life only sprint around in shorts while having rifles and rpg's on their backs. I certainly don't think anyone of them would be using their turn signals in a car.

Yes, it would be a nice little thing, but it would hardly be used by players and it is just not necessary for such a game like Arma.

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I don't see how this would help base Arma at all. If this is for Altis Life, then they should mod it in instead of staying as a mission. That won't happen because they won't have the lazy masses if they required a mod download. That is the price you pay for supporting them instead of a superior modded version.

Not thinking about Altis Life or any other random game mode, this still would be a nice, immersive feature.

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Well the things is, you have vehicles and you have the available Q and E keys - why not make them toggle turn signals to make the cars more interesting?

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Q and E are used for different speeds when you're driving.

If Q worked like cruisecontrol, that would've been great, but it is this useless limiter thingy. E is just a secondary for SHIFT + W, so it can be overwritten.