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allowFunctionsRecompile parameter does not work with BIS functions
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In a mission I created I need to modify 2 BIS functions (BIS_initRespawn, BIS_fnc_arsenal) but after some testing it turns out to be impossible to do when these functions are called from uiNamespace (it is possible if they are called from missionNamespace).

I tried using CfgFunctions in description.ext but even if I use "CfgFunctions {class BIS {class whatever {class ARSENAL" the function is not recompiled in missionNamespace/uiNamespace. I used allowFunctionsRecompile=1; in description.ext.

Is allowFunctionsRecompile useful only for custom file based scripts?

Anyway I will have to try copy the RscDisplayArsenal dialog class and modify onLoad/onUnload event handlers directly and redirect them to my custom version of BIS_fnc_arsenal. I hoped it would be easier to reuse BIS functions.


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Create a mission and try modify a BIS function that is called like this (by other BIS function/display onLoad handler):
call uiNamespace getVariable "BIS_unbreakable_function".

"BIS_unbreakable_function" is initialized like this:
uiNamespace setVariable
compileFinal "path_to_script_file_that_is_in_BIS_pbo"

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