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Another skin for Rahim
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Can we got a gray / black skin for the rahim rifle ? Currently it's only got a opfor skin


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How about RPG-42 alamut? It got only an opfor skin too

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Is it going to be implemented or something? ..

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Yeah, BI has enough on their plates right now. I'm going to guess that this won't happen in a long time if ever.

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Oh guys you're so positive ... No really ... You think a skin is some hours of development for them ?

No, we're just saying that BI is struggling to implement even some of the most important of feature requests, and ignoring anything on the tracker (suggestions, requests, etc) that aren't bugs, so just don't be surprised if they don't get around to this soon.

Maybe a Dev will feel like devoting some spare hours to this, maybe not. It's just too hard to tell.