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Not working Dialog (Atlis Life) after patch 1.26.126
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It has started right after 1GB patch. I was tasting Altis Life with my friend and something was wrong, we couldn't do anything in clothing dialog. Mission was good, we could buy/select/etc before patch. Before reporting it we did:
changed mission to stock one (still not working)
changed life_server.pbo to stock one (still not working)
join other server to test it and it wasn't working at all, clothing and even atm dialog.
You can't just select or press a button. It won't work. However you can use virtual shops, with also in dialog. I am sending you 3 files. {F24631}


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As it doesn't work properly on on other server I guess you can download stock mission and test it.

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Fixed when you press 1xTAB or 2xTAB

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Altis live is outside of BI development range. It was made by users, and therefore only the missionmaker can modify the mission.

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Man, I am not talking About Alitis Life, I am talking about script that was working and after patch is not.

I can confirm this issue ! not even in mission "altis life" its a problem with the dialog boxes! in the GUI!

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and if they see Altis Life = ultimate downvote -.-

I said it occured on altis life but it wasnt before patch. It means in is not altis life problem. I gave 3 files whitch create dialog. This problem is on every server using Altis Life. There wasn't any before patch. How many times I have to repeat that it's AmrA problem not Altis Life.

Humay please reread my post.
I am mission maker. I am not dumbass.

Yes the Dialog is working fine!You just cant click the Buttons. Its possible to choose the Buttons via tab and use it with enter.

But the Mouse click ain't working. And its not working even when u create a new Dialog( GUI) in the editor

Something was changed in the update to stop the dialogs working but there has been a work around within Altis Life itself.