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Colliminating weapon sights illuminated by light sources
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Currently in ArmA 3 if you aim down collimator weapon sights (holographic "projecting" sights) the reticle is affected by light sources. Basically if any sort of light source shines on the reticle, its brightness greatly intensifies. This is most noticeable with flashlights. {F24616} {F24617} {F24618} {F24619}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Equip any collimator sight and flashlight to a gun at night.
  2. Aim down sight and notice the default and proper reticle brightness.
  3. Turn on the flashlight and notice the drastically increased reticle brightness.
Additional Information

This visual bug is more than likely due to the fact that collimator reticles are part of the optic model and texture. Since the reticle is actually a few meters in front of the optic model, it catches the beam of the player's flashlight. Either the reticle needs to be a separate texture and material, or the optic's material needs to disable lighting on the recticle.

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Appears to be fixed now.

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Aaaand now they have no illumination at all.
Because apparently you cannot adjust brightness of a reticle on a collimator sight.

And then again if you look at for example an Eotech XPS3...
20 daylight settings
10 additional settings for Gen I through III+ night vision devices"