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Tanks are unable to make use of the drivingWheel source for animations (Steering)
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As I was working on the interior for a friends tank, I tried everything to make the steering wheel work, I've made steering work for boats and cars, I'm 100% sure it's set up correctly.

The only conclusion is that TankX or even Tank does not support steering wheel animations (Including IK hand movement).

For increased immersion for people working on tank interiors, I think it would be hugely beneficial to include steering wheel functionality, or hell, a lot of tanks don't even have steering, a lot of them have 2 sticks, it would look amazing.


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The only steps to reproduce are to actually have interiors for tanks (of which there are none for Arma 3), you would have to work on an interior based tank which has a steering wheel/steering sticks.

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Yeah for anything that brings tank interiors closer!

Please push this up in priority. Much needed!

Droopy added a subscriber: Droopy.May 7 2016, 7:14 PM

I agree we need this asap!

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steering wheels in tanks for immersion!

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looking sick, electric bike for the win!

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This and a number of other animation sources really need to be compatible across all classes. Or at least wherever it's even remotely feasible.