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Additional Animations for "Detained" state
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I am currently testing out the AGM mod and their new script that allows you to detain another player or AI.

However it is limited, and I wrote a discussion piece on their bug tracker on how it could be made a lot better. The reply I got back that one of the major limiting factors were that there is no additional animation states for the detained animation (arms behind back).

At the moment all they can do is put the character into the static detained animation, there isn't any additional animations for detained state like walking/running/sprinting etc.

I am not looking for something perfect or unique, just a mashing together of the no weapon walk/run/sprint/crouch cycles on the legs/feet with the arms behind back for the top half.

It would add a lot of flexibility for modders doing tvt hostage missions as well as map types like life/breaking point/wasteland


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Look at animations, notice that there is no walking/running/crouch etc animation states for a character with their hands behind their back.

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I must admit, though not high priority, such an animation could prove very, very useful for us mission makers!

This would be a nice touch for mission builders.

Dayz already has a bunch of animations for the restrained animation... it shouldn't be that hard for BI to port them dayz.

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Arma 3 and DayZ use different skeletons. They can't just simply put the animations into Arma 3 and call it a day.

This really needs to be a thing!