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Linux Dedicated Server arma3profile not working
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Either this feature is not working, or has unexpected behaviour.

Below I will put my launch parameters.

./arma3server -server -noSound -profiles=/home/arma/arma3/serverprofile/ -name=server -cfg=basic.cfg -config=server.cfg -ip=*...* -port=2302

The 'serverprofile' directory actually gets created by the serer, BUT, it does not create profile files or folders.

Naturally I attempted to create the files myself (using a copy of a file from my windows dedicated server) which didn't work.

I tried putting my server.arma3profile file in two different locations:

  • /home/arma/arma3/serverprofile/server
  • /home/arma/arma3/serverprofile

I also tried the root directory. So the bug is either that the profiles aren't read, aren't implemented, or has radically different behaviour than the windows version of the dedicated server.


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Run a Linux dedicated server with a basic arma3profile

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How is this not fixed yet? :/

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I'd like to add that especially with some hosting providers this can cause quite some headaches, as there often is no way to symlink to the:

~/.local/share/Arma\ 3\ -\ Other\ Profiles/<profilename>

Folder and any access to the arma3profile file is denied.

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