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[feature request] Usable equipment for the 'journalist' character...
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I have made a mission where you have the option to play as OPFOR, BLUFOR or a JOURNALIST for making ARMA 3 videos :-)
(the journalist characters are AI controlled until usable equipment becomes available to make them playable)

It would be great if the journalist had usable equipment like video cameras (with zoom lens) which had an overlay so it looked like an AAN news report.
Could interview players on the battlefield and post them on youtube!!!

This way from a distance you would have to use target acquisition before engaging as the camera could be mistaken for a weapon :-)

Sorry if this is already possible but I'm not too good with scripting :-s

Here's the mission... {F24597} {F24598} {F24599}


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Sounds cool, but this is a typical mod request in my opinion. Let the devs handle the basic military stuff and the community make these things.

I prefer to make my missions with stock objects so anyone can play them without using mods :-)

I just thought that if they're going to add the journalist character into the game he should at least have the basic equipment that a journalist uses, otherwise it's just a pointless man in a PRESS vest.

Each to their own I guess :-)

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Is this the journalist behind the camera or the one in front? Or the one taken hostage that you need to rescue?

To me it sounds like we'd want a new unit named something like
TV Camera crew

That said, I really like your idea up there.

@FeralCircus: I understand your point about using 'vanilla' as much as possible. I've been playing Arma3 without mods so far. :-)

+1, is a great idea actually. I doubt BI would do this, but maybe it would be something a few of the devs would do just as a hobby project (similar to karts). If it was just another $5.00 DLC with just a news photographer, field reporter, and cameraman with just a few props like a video camera, microphone, still camera, and maybe a notepad I would totally buy it.

Acknowledged!!! CHEERS BIS :-)

Here's some inspiration...