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Preventive Diplomacy (Numerous Supports Issues)
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During the mission I am given supports to use as I see fit (Artillery and a CAS Chopper)
I call in the chopper expecting for it to help in the fight against the 2 MBTs the 2 AFVs and the MRAP....... except it comes in, and circles until it's shot down.
I wouldn't mind it circling if it actually started shooting things, but the way the Blackfoot behaves now is just a means to end the mission faster (If it's shot down).
So I decide I will save my artillery to lay down some AT mine clusters. I call it in way ahead of time with a vision to use the AT clusters to deal with the MBTs and the AFVs so me and what remains of my team can focus on the MRAP and the infantry. Except I call in the first cluster with a reported splash time of 48 seconds, except 5 minutes pass since the artillery receives the call and there are still no AT mines in place. And because the rounds haven't landed I can't use my remaining Artillery fire mission to place more AT mines of use a laser guided shell because it's greyed out.
I've tried everything.
I try laser designating targets in the hope that would make the CAS chopper do something.... It doesn't.
I try to man mode with a Missile launcher, but that always ends up with the town being overrun and me failing the mission. I've tried using the UAV missiles to deal with the tanks, but even then the UAV missiles can't hit the broad side of a barn door, no matter how stationary the target, or the laser designating crosshairs are....
I just have no idea what to do, there have been some moments in the campaign (being a new arma player) that I've struggled with, but with practice I've managed to work around them.
There is no work around for this as far as I can tell.
It's me, the tattered remains of my squad, and an AFV (Delta 3-2) that keeps driving into walls and getting itself blown up, which also makes me fail. And it's 3-6 guys vs 4 tanks an MRAP and two Squads of enemy infantry.

Just please sort it out, all the other struggles I've had were purely on my inexperience either commanding a squad, or playing the arma game in general.
This is not me.
This is game breaking.
I'd be fine with artillery and CAS support. In fact my initial reaction when I discovered I had a load of artillery support to play with was one of joy, and there were exclaimations of joy and relief when the CAS Chopper support popped up on screen. But on the 3rd retry I noticed that what is the point of having these supports if they do not work at the moment when I need them most?
And why am I being punished with a failed mission when I'm doing everything within my power to stave off this attack?
Please make the CAS chopper and the artillery actually work...
I was really enjoying the campaign up until this moment.


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I'm having a very similar problem. I'm following almost exactly the same steps as outlined above, only I was actually able to hit a few MRAPS with the drone (despite the fact that it has a -terrible- time trying to target anything even with low difficulty settings... I have to swoop with 1-200m of the target to acquire it, then make another pass to take it out. It usually takes flying till with 100m for the missile to lock on fully).
Still, I have exactly the same issue with the artillery, the Blackfoot, etc.

My first attempt once I found out the helicopter was worse than useless was to actually allow the enemy tanks into the town and ambush them. They can't hit you if they can't see you, and they can't see you if you're 50m behind them with an AT launcher. But... allowing them into the town fails the mission.

I was smart in that I made sure several squad members and myself had AT missiles before starting the mission... But between the three of us (only one of which had them to begin with) we can only manage four MPRL AT rounds... not nearly enough. Especially since the other guys can't hit the broad side of a stadium -never mind a stupid barn!- with their launchers.

So let's some up:

  1. The helicopter is worse than useless. It never even attempts to fire, let alone help.
  2. The artillery doesn't always send rounds, and when it does it's WAAAY too late.
  3. I should be able to allow enemy armor into the town in order to destroy it, then recapture the town. Just fixing this issue might allow us to at least proceed with the campaign.

I had a similar problem. I used all my artillery and UAV strikes on the armor, and everything missed, so I stole some launchers and charges, and hopped in some allied armor and blew the tanks up myself.

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