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Loss of 60% Joystick Throttle Traverse
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This has been a bug in the past from back in arma1 if i remember rightly.

The throttle only engages in increasing rpms once 60% of traverse is reached.

That leaves only the top 40% of your throttle traverse as a usable area for increase and decrease of power.

This is why acceleration or deceleration is not constant and has a surging effect, meaning you cannot taxi and control your aircraft/helicopter speed with any type of accuracy.

Increase and decrease of power needs to be in increments and use the whole axis.


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any joystick will reproduce this bug, i have tested 3 different ones and they all produce the same effect.

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Latest Test is on the X55 Rhino joystick.
I also tested the dev version and the bug was still present, this also made trying to use the latest build with the new helicopter DM virtually unflyable.

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It's actually worse than this if you look at the config files. I suspect that there is next to no reason to use the throttle instead of keyboard controls for controlling the collective.

Wish this could change but I think its baked into Arma3. Maybe Arma4.

You can use DXtweak2 to solve this issue. Here is the solution:!

Hope BIS will fix this.

Well that changes your joystick map entirely not just for a selected application. This means it will change all of my other maps for other games, so its not a viable option.

Please also check the comment here - - for solution.

Thanks for the feedback!