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Please remove ambient animations from player controlled characters...
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When players are stood still they start looking around, wiping their foreheads and inspecting their guns.
This is fine for AI controlled characters but should be disabled for human players.

There is constantly a massive hand wiping across my screen.
Also when the character looks around (ambient animation) it overrides the TrackIR animation and deforms his neck.

It would be much better playing without these interferences.


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I am tolerant of most things but I do despise that hand wipe animation quite a bit. Whoever did that one must really dislike patrons of first person only servers.

There is a mod out there that does this, and its be stated before, By Developers, That if someone made a mod for it there not going to make it a part of the game... If that was not the intent of what was posted by the dev's then I apologize for the misconception. However, with that being said, It would be nice to have my avatar/player unit be still...

I dont like the fact that there are times when you dont want to move... so there is less a chance that people will see you .... then your swatting invisible flys, and wiping your forehead... Im pretty sure a trained soldier will ignore a fly on him while the enemy is close, so as to not alert them to his presence (being they are in concealment).

Either way it is a trivial, nonsense, Fluff, animation, that servers No purpose, then just to have some ambient movement from AI. But all Player units should be Complete Exempt from All Idle Animations!!

My argument is more of a visual than a functional one. The current animations fit more with bored guards than soldiers in action.

As soon as there is a rest in a fire fight or I'm waiting for my squad to catch up, my soldier starts immediately checking his boots for poop or yawning! Very immersion breaking if you've just been in a heavy fire fight.

Acceptable animations for me would maybe be a slight neck stretching, a quick check of a part of your gun, adjusting part of your gear, etc. Only quick movements that are not intrusive and fit a soldier on alert. Either that or no idle animations (for player).

Bump. This was never even acknowledged nor closed by BI.

The 1st person animation is terrible and serves absolutely no purpose.

BIS please re-evaluate the player idle animations and hopefully remove them or at least some of them. I tried some removal mods and it was such a breath of fresh air to see your professional soldier just standing still instead of nervously fidgeting with checking boot poop, yawning and such, even in the middle of a combat mission!

Unfortunately the existing mods that remove idle animations are broken (and are easily broken) and do not seem to be updated regularly.

The introduction of the fatigue system actively encourages lowering of weapon, but this in turn activates the 'I'm bored' idle animations even in combat situations. Please, please remove or limit the idle animations.

Koala added a comment.Feb 7 2016, 5:59 PM

There should be a system that you only can see idle animation when in third person.

If you play in first person, you should never see these wipe your face, check for poop, light a cigarette etc animations.

There are a lot of players (like me) that prefer to play with hardcore settings (first person only, no crosshair etc.).

These animations are more distracting than helpful in first person view, if you sit e.g. in a Hunter or an Ifrit and want to watch the horizon for enemies.

Please no idle animation for 3rd p either. Your character running across an open field, bullets everywhere, finally made is across, taking cover behind a house. Character starts yawning immediately. wtf?

It also related to another problem: some of the animations are over-acted. They are too pronounced and too slow. 'look at me, checking my gun out', 'look at me, checking for poop!' etc.

AZCoder added a subscriber: AZCoder.Jan 8 2017, 8:19 AM

It's also annoying when using the Arsenal because you try on something, then your dude is bending over or something that makes it impossible to just look at the outfit change. Then there's taking screenshots, have to shake the mouse back and forth a bit while taking the shot so your head won't spin around. It's one of the most pointless and annoying features I have ever seen in a video game.

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