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Advansed flight model now is crap, fix it and improve! I'm disappointed!
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Try use "advansed flight model" with keybord, and you will see all crap. Debility idea rather than to improve on an existing one, you add to it another even more worthless flight model. Bugs will be more and more that way. And you allow players to choice model, it's a road to nowhere, you'll see. It's not a helicopter simulator, and nobody will use crap advansed flight model.


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If you cannot fly, -or spell- then you can just use the simplified flight controls or go back to more simple games like Call of Duty for an example.

There are many people who would want this feature.

SilverDude, try this feature in dev version, and you will understand me, use keybord not joystick

I have been using it since it has been released on dev branch and with keyboard. The flight model isn't even ultra realistic, but alot better than what we had before.

Like I said, just switch to the standard flight model if you do not like it.

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No actual bug reported.