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Dev-Branch 126674: all the vehicles engine sounds are too quiet on the inside
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After playing around with the latest dev-branch (126674) of Arma 3 I realised, that the engine sound of all vehicles are too quiet (in some vehicles nearly not existent), if you get in, start the engine and fly or drive around.

You can clearly hear all outside environment sounds like crickets, birds and the ocean, but you can barely hear the own engine sound.

If you get out of the vehicle, all sounds are normal.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. you need the latest dev-branch (problem since v.126674)
  2. open the editor
  3. create a player unit somewhere on the map
  4. create a random empty vehicle (f.e. ATV or AH9 Pawnee)
  5. get in the vehicle and drive or fly around
  6. hear, what I mean

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Confirmed in latest dev build.

Me too, especially in helicopters.
(See #20258 for helicopters only.)

Using the opportunity:
In the past I observed exterior sounds in Strider's gunner position. Check #13278 for that.

Update today, still not fixed

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seems to be resolved in the latest dev-branch (v.126766)

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In the latest dev-branch (22.09.2014), you can't hear the Hellcat engine.