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Air vehicles surviving long range direct hits from tank main gun.
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Helicopters do not get destroyed by being hit by a tank main gun fired at long ranges (2km or more). They will only get damaged. Just tested this to be sure, had a hovering mohawk and shot it with the Slammer main gun. It survived and continued hovering after 2 APFSDS rounds and only started to decent/crash after an HE hit.

Seriously I find it hard to believe a helicopter would be able to survive a direct hit with an HE shell at any range.



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Another bug, partly related, air vehicles seem invisible to the laser distance meter if they are beyond 2km. The laser range finder should work at any range at which the vehicle becomes visible to the player.

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I find it rather plausible that APFSDS rounds don't destroy an air vehicle right away. Remember, the projectile is a massive metal dart which is only effective against hard (armored) targets. I could be wrong, but i think the penetrator would simply go through a soft target, in on side, out on the other (damaging/destroying vital systems in its path, of course).
I am with you when it comes to HE rounds. These should blast anything out of the sky, unaware of the range.

^^ Totally agree with you there. I tested this problem as I noticed the APFSDS passing through a mh-9 seemingly without doing damage. Later realized it went trough non-vital parts and it was ok. But while testing I noticed this sudden reduction in damage on air vehicles at longer ranges of all ammo types. an APFSDS in a vital part, or an HE round detonating anywhere on an aircraft should destroy it.

@mr_book: I think your line of thought is more suitable for buildings. It's hard to demolish a structure by putting neat holes through walls.

For helicopters, an AT shell flying through the cockpit, engines, fuel tanks, or tail, almost all parts, will take it down in no time wouldn't it?. The only exception would be the cargo area and then probably only from the sides.

HE, helo: the end.

I cannot reproduce the problem at all, if I hit a heli at distance 2400 meters, it goes down every time.

Uploaded a demo mission. 3 helos at ~ 2,4 km. One at ~ 1,6 km.

First notice the laser range finder does not give a distance reading on the helicopters while it does give a reading on any terrain features at much longer distances.

About the helicopters taking damage:

Shoot the mohawk anywhere, including the engine section with APFSDS rounds and it will simply hold the hover in 50% of the cases. APFSDS Can take 3 rounds to take the helicopter down. (Would be logical if you hit it in the cargo section, but not in vital parts)

Shoot any helicopter with HE shells; They will receive damage, almost Always resulting in a stuck tail roter and the helicopter to either jump around until it flies into a mountain or it will slowly decend and crash/ditch. Though it seems around 1/10 helicopters hit by an HE shell are able to continue their hover.

At shorter ranges there is no problem, the helicopter will get shred to pieces by an HE shell as would happen in real life. In the game the HE shell seems to become less damaging at longer ranges which would only be realistic at armored targets due to reduced armor penetration. HE damage should remain thesame though and as such the helicopter (being a soft target) would receive the same damage from HE shells at any distance.