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Tools setup Broken
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When setting up tools from a fresh on Windows 8 64bit the following parameters are broken

Admin rights are necessary but not taken into consideration with new.exe and bat files when installing via Arma3 tools .exe , regardless of starting the a3tools.exe and or steam as admin or not.

The following is a report on condition of a fresh install and deletion of registry keys , the attempts where made without any success in the following manners>
Settings .ini was manually updated and checked all paths are correct.

Start steam as admin and install tools and run Via seam UI
Start steam as User and install tools and run Via seam UI

Start steam as admin and install tools and run via .exe direct
Start steam as user and install tools and run via .exe direct

in addition exes where started as admin and or user in very situaion from the direct.exe

Buldozer.exe is no longer present in the tools folder

Settining.ini cannot find correct paths and auto sets to default which is incorrect and thus devp mapdisk Et Al will no longer work

When starting terrain builder or object Builder the UI Buldozer maynot work will flash and when OK is Clicked it will re-emerge , when clicked again yu will get a Icon dev.bat is running , on ivestigation it does nothing becuase it cannot because it has no default file paths to work from

All pyhsx.dll`s will not be in the folder

Dev:P (whatver the hell this is supposed to be i dont know its been the vien of all breakages since its inception , why we need more than map disk or subst :P was never relayed to anyone but it needs canning).

Reports only with mapdisk only because all other selections will do nothing)
The characters wingding or whatever i dont know they are in very report sosuspect something wrong there


Params: -mapDiskOnly

Current time:

Arma 3 path is G:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Arma 3
Arma 3 Tools path is G:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Tools\
Could Not Find C:\Users\Deanos\AppData\Local\Temp\BIS_getEscalation.vbs[/code]

Mapdisk without the dreaded P on clean install and new dl with file cache verified ok by steam Yet the tools say half the files missing. again with stupid chracters that make no sense (differ here than the rpt but essentially BS)

[code]== mapdisk.bat


Current time: 09-08-2014 19-30-52.79

Directory used: "G:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Tools"
List of substituate drives mounted for user accounts
P:\: => G:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Tools
Directory used: "G:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Tools"
Created C:\Users\Deanos\AppData\Local\Temp\BIStudio\Bin\bin
Created C:\Users\Deanos\AppData\Local\Temp\BIStudio\Core\core
Could Not Find p:\PhysX3_x86.dll
Could Not Find p:\PhysX3Common_x86.dll
Could Not Find p:\PhysX3Cooking_x86.dll
Could Not Find p:\PhysX3Gpu_x86.dll
Could Not Find P:\buldozer.exe

1 file(s) copied.

File not found - *.*
0 File(s) copied
File not found - *.*
0 File(s) copied
The system cannot find the path specified.
File not found - P:\PhysX3_x86.dll
File not found - P:\PhysX3Common_x86.dll
File not found - P:\PhysX3Cooking_x86.dll
File not found - P:\PhysX3Gpu_x86.dll


in an attempt to appease i redirected buldozer to A3.exe because placing and renaming in the subst drive folder wouldnt wor prob due to steam appid diff but all BS anyway .

arma3 tools rpt makes no added value at all to troubleshooting for the layman but i put here incase the unlock of mae sense code is available to others


Application info

Arma 3 Tools Launcher


Begin of trace

[INFO]Function exist(application As String = bipte) As Boolean
[INFO]Function exist(application As String = mikero) As Boolean
[INFO]Function exist(application As String = fsmeditor) As Boolean
[INFO]Function exist(application As String = bipte) As Boolean
[INFO]Function exist(application As String = texview) As Boolean
[INFO]Function exist(application As String = bipte) As Boolean
[INFO]Function exist(application As String = bipte) As Boolean
[INFO]Function exist(application As String = mikero) As Boolean
[INFO]Function exist(application As String = fsmeditor) As Boolean
[INFO]Function exist(application As String = bipte) As Boolean
[INFO]Function exist(application As String = texview) As Boolean
[INFO]Function exist(application As String = bipte) As Boolean


after finally getting a P and all registry paths correct , because the .exe also has some mysterious values for reading P:drive paths and the Bat file chap and the Binarey.exe chap dont work as a team , the exe does not want to talk to P via the defined paths for textures or models.
arma (not buldozer because i cant get the thing to work so i use arma3.exe as buldozer as ecpalind above]
arning Message: Cannot load texture a3\data_f\halfa.paa.
Warning Message: Cannot load material file p:\dbo\dbo_track\data\layers\p_000-000_l02.rvmat.
Cannot load material file p:\dbo\dbo_track\data\layers\p_000-000_l02.rvmat
Warning Message: Cannot open object a3\plants_f\tree\t_ficusb1s_f.p3d
Warning Message: Cannot open object a3\plants_f\tree\t_fraxinusav2s_f.p3d
Warning Message: Cannot open object a3\plants_f\tree\t_pinusp3s_f.p3d

spammed for all ..............[/code

this error is all over the install too , whatever it is just aint right and has nto been involved in any other iteration yet when you check tech reps or changelogs there is no eluding to why this new format was introduced so as to trace the problem.

Summary the tools again have been buthcered by the inadequate knowledge of how Admin and user right in relation to registrys are correctly used this leads to a mess when trying to use and install any sort of Dev workflow.
I would like to point out that i stopped bothering after the last break of tools a month ago , howevber a friend asked if i could make a simple change to a terrain , i was flabbergasted to see just how many steps backwards the Windows 8 setup has taken a butchering .


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make your own batfile for pdrive
subst p: "path to your armawork folder"
Download Mikeros tools and install
Download Bis tools and install via steam
Run once Via steam
setttings.ini write your own paths and untick default in the options (this is linked to a majorly flawed operation that is present in every bat file and registry process in the arma3 tools installaion process (basically its Borked beyond belief))

Never ever use armatools.exe directly again use the individual exe as admin
Never ever click ok if you ever get a pop saying Buldozer maynot perform , always click cancel
Never ever Mount P: drive using Devp or Mapdisk in any form via A3tool UI or direct from Bat.

In Summary avoid Arma3tools Ui and Bat files like the Plague they are fundamentally flawed in every concievalble manner