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Titan compact TOP mod
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I know it is much work now with coming DLC with ToH system, but I would like to have TOP mod for Titan compact.
Defaultly in game is fixed DIR mod, which is nice when I am on hill and target is not moving. But when I am in lower position than enemy armor and there are some objects(f.e. rock, or tank goes behind horizont) near tank between us, missile do what I do not want it to do :-D. Missile´s way´s final part is happening in low attitude(very very low). I would like to hit tank´s top, not the front.
So I simply suggest to add TOP mod, just like Javelin has(and also it is prepared in game for Titan Compact as I can see). Sooner, better. Warfare guys need it.


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Situation is, that you and Titan compact are tousand meter away from armored vehicle, which is locked and it is fired at. At time of missile launch, hide the tank behind horizont(not very steep, just until the time when commander of tank doesn´t see see you).

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This is sort of already implemented...

  1. Lock onto the vehicle with the weapon system.
  1. When the "Do Not Fire" symbol disappears, you can now hide anywhere you like.
  1. Basically how this works is the Titan locks onto the vehicle's signature and position, then when fired it searches for the target and tracks it with its high-tech warhead.
  1. Now just fire in any direction, preferably to the side or backwards, just don't hit the hill / building.
  1. The missile will fly over the hill and hit the target.
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OK... I tried it your way, but
When I aimed backwards or somewhere else, symbol "do not fire" appeared again.
Nevermind, still it worked and wasn´t bad, up to 500m it works how you say! So I am going to use it.
For longer distances f.e. 1km, missile is able to reach the right one - shortest trajectory, so aiming backwards or anywhere else does not affect impact angle significantly.

Yeah it might "work" but it's a shitty/unrealistic solution. The gimbal of a missile seeker head can't even traverse that far; the missile would not be able to acquire lock at all. Gimbal limits should be much narrower. We need real fire modes.

you can use the following until BI will implement the feature (when this will ever happen)