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TrackIR should zoom based on head, not body, direction.
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With TrackIR, if you look a bit to your left or right (ie, looking left to 310 degrees if straight ahead is 0 degrees) and move your head in the direction you're looking, it doesn't zoom in.

To zoom in when looking to 310 degrees, you must keep your head in that direction, whilst moving it sideways 90 degrees. To zoom out, you must move your head sideways 180 degrees.

This is mirrored on the right hand side.


It seems to be that zoom is based around forwards relative to your in-game body, not your head. So if your in-game head was facing to 180 degrees, but your in-game body was at 0 degrees, you'd have to move your real-life head *away* from the direction you were looking in-game (ie, towards the way your in-game body was facing - 0 degrees in-game) to zoom. This means that you'd have to move your real life head *backwards* to zoom in.

This feels awkward and unnatural.


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Steps To Reproduce

Look a bit to the left (ie, with compass out, face body north and head to 310 degrees). Try to zoom your vision. To do this, weirdly, you don't move your head in the direction it's facing, but instead must slide it sideways towards 90 degrees.

This is mirrored on the right hand side.


It's most obvious if you look backwards over your shoulder in-game, and try to use TrackIR to zoom. You have to move your head backwards to zoom in, which feels weird.

Additional Information

Playing another game with TrackIR, Rise of Flight, to zoom you move your head in the direction your head-tracker is facing to zoom. This feels much more realistic and intuitive.

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oukej added a comment.Sep 26 2014, 4:05 PM

Hey, thanks for your feedback.

Try switching off the TrueView in TrackIR configuration and see if it helps. Please, let us know!

That does fix it! Thank you, I didn't even know what TrueView did!

oukej added a comment.Sep 29 2014, 1:49 AM

Glad to help!

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

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