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Anti-torque forces are improperly set
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All helos (except for kamov obviously) are not correctly set. Going from hover to no hover without trim results in slight rightward turn in some aircraft, in the hellcat you cannot even tell you're supposed to be trying to hover. From what it LOOKS like is that the curve for power required is STARTING at the power required for level hover. For ANY non-coaxial helicopter, for a level hover in either IGE or OGE significant pedal (depending on rotor rotation direction) is needed to counter the main rotor. It should be significantly more pronounced in OGE hover than IGE


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Steps To Reproduce

Select helicopter
pick up to hover (auto or otherwise)
neutralize cyclic and pedals and vertical speed for stationary hover.
release force trim and auto hover.
ID minimal to non-existant rotation

Additional Information

Please note that some aircraft are performing odd regarding their natural forces (hanging wrong etc), while the hellcat seems to fly perfectly level and with auto hover disabled, it remains absolutely motionless when it SHOULD be spinning out of control.

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On further checks, blackfoot and mohawk do not have this problem
XH-9 series helos simply do not have enough torque and at OGE hover right turn is very slight.

Confirmed bug with hellcat, orca, ghosthawk helos.

I also reported this with others physics issues about antitorque forces:

It would be great if you, with your real pilot experience, can confirm or correct what i wrote. Thanks

Hope they will fix!