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Helicopters too fragile/explode in odd circumstances.
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I have noticed through arma 2 and arma 3 that the helicopters explode if you just touch something going more than 10 km/h. Also, I landed in the water at 0 km/h and started to sink. Shortly after, I exploded. Why? This really ruins immersion since you can't have helicopter crash scenarios.


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Advanced Flight Model
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Fly Heli
  2. Go 10 km/h
  3. Touch building
  4. Die
Additional Information

If helicopters could handle more damage from static objects, it would be much smoother and enjoyable/realistic.

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I think it`s mainly the main rotor that cause the chopper too explode

Probably, I wonder why they didn't stick with the TKOH rotor damage way back in Arma 3 beta.

If the helicopter can handle more damage in future, then the occupants (or at least most of them) should die in harder crashes without having it explode.

It would make the gameplay alot more immersive and exciting.

I agree with Antjon, the helicopters are actually not that fragile, but roll the helicopter slightly and it instantly explodes.

Here is a video that shows what is *should* look like when the rotor get clipped:

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See #12760.