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Request change to velocity cue
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Currently, the velocity cue under the VSI goes from center at hover to full deflection at roughly 45kph. I would reccomend a change to a real world system as used in current aircraft. First have a hover mode that will allow for full deflection at 10 kph so that while hovering the pilot will easily see the minor changes occuring on the gauge. Once passed say 15 kph, the deflection resets so full deflection is 80-100 kph.

Further, the velocity cue is best aided by an acceleration cue. this would be a circle on the same dial that goes to the point where, at current control settings, the helicopter will be velocity-wise when it stabilizes. The idea is that the velocity cue follows the acceleration cue, so especially while hovering, if the accell cue moves away from center, you adjust controls to bring it back before the aircraft follows it. This allows for stable hovering using nothing but symbology.

But even without an acceleration cue, the veolocity cue needs to be able to show the fine changes in velocity while at hover. As it is, the cue is useless at low airspeeds since you can barely see it move with fine control inputs.


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Feature change request see above

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thank you for all the tickets! We are really grateful for your input, I added your notes to our intern analysis. Have a nice day!

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Yes hovering using the bubble has been too hard. I can't wait to test this improvement to the UI.