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Effect of travelling through wind has little/no impact on helicopter performance
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A standard take off maneuver is a minimal power takeoff, which is effectively the hovering version of a rolling takeoff. helicopter is brought to a stable IGE (in ground effect) hover, and slighly forward cyclic is applied allowing helicopter to beging slow forward movement. When aircraft passes through ETL (16-24 KTS), the helicopter begins to perform like a plane and power requirements for level flight drop. A recent flight in an ah64 apache real life saw me hovering IGE at 81% torque. Upon passing through ETL, I was capable of maintaining 100kt airspeed at 59%...over 20% drop in power required for level flight from simply moving forward. OGE hovering was taking place at 91%..that is more than 30% power reduction.


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Come to stable hover IGE.
Apply slight forward cyclic, helicopter begins to accelerate.
Helicopter will begin to accelerate upwards past 100 kph with no increase in altitude.

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In real life, at 16-24 knots, the helicopter will attempt to stabilize from the change in relative wind over the rotor system. The helicopter blades (followed by the helo obviously) will climb, but also raise the nose as it seeks equilibrium. When passing through ETL, the cyclic must be directed further forward to counter the nose-back tendency while the power required for flight will drop. Often power will be left as is, as the power required for IGE hover applied in forward flight will allow for both steady acceleration and continuous climb as well to cruise speed/altitude.

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This is a chanage to the model that will improve the feel of the sim a lot. It will make it easier to takeoff in the chopper and it's realistic. I vote this up.