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Aircraft create right yaw when cyclic applied aft.
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See steps to reproduce


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Steps To Reproduce

Start aircraft (easy to see on wheeled aircraft)
Disengage breaks
Set collective 50 percent (aircraft moves forward, another ticket)
Apply aft cyclic full, aircraft begins right spin.

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Sounds like you're running into some realism there ;). Increasing cyclic or collective increases torgue generated by the main rotor, you will have to use the tail rotor to counter this.

deduealus: I'm sorry to burst your bubble but you are incorrect. Had you simply stated increasing COLLECTIVE you would not have been wrong. However, first you cannot "increase" cyclic, you simply direct it. And second, at no point in my flying experience (I'm a real world helicopter pilot btw, so I have realworld experience to draw on) have I had the mere input of a cyclic control change my heading. Now, if you were to apply aft cyclic, pick up aft airspeed, you WOULD eventually windsock around since the lever arm on the tail is much larger than the rest of the body, but that happens even at a hover depending on where the wind is coming from. This is a case of the simple act of inputting the command causes a change.

Also, in opposite I've found that when you apply left pedal in game the helicopters nose over. That too is not supposed to happen. I've never had to counter a pedal turn with aft cyclic.

Ahh misunderstood you I guess, have no real world helo experience myself though. But think I understand you now. Completely agree that it should not happen unless you are having some relevant backwards airspeed. Changing my vote as well :).

Reccomend this issue be deleted. After playing around, I've decided the right yaw comes from aircraft yawing to the right (those that do) and simply leaving the ground slightly with aft cyclic applied, allowing them to spin. latest patch modifying the wheels seems to have solved this issue as I have been unable to duplicate to the extent before withoout providing engine power, which will of course cause a right spin.