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3d sound not 'real'
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a good example is when you're flying the jet and you turn your head. if i look all the way to the left, there is NO sound from the left channel. as a programmer, i do know how you handled this. (or right, matters not)

the greater the degree of turn, the less sound in that channel.

which works a little bit. but when i am at maximum turn, the sound volume is set to zero (or appears to be the case). this is VERY unrealistic. and in a jet, i would ALWAYS hear the jet engines no matter which way i turn my head.

the sound in any 'position' should NEVER be zero no matter if i am walking, riding, or flying. there is ALWAYS sound.

this started with one of your latest updates concerning the 3d sound stuff...about 1 month ago?

a silly example:

degree turned - volume
(0 = straight ahead looking)

0 - 100%
45 - 75%
90 - 50%
180 - 0%


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fly a jet and turn your head in either direction max. no sound will be in that channel.

look left, no sound - look right, no sound.

goes from max to zero, dependent on the degree you turn your head.

if you put on headphones, you can CLEARLY hear this... :)

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i remember waiting 1 - 2 years to buy make the BEST simulator out...PERIOD!

sims are all i 'play' and as an IT tech for 30+ years, i have been with computer ever since they came out. the ONLY person that would come in SECOND TO YOU, would be 'micropose'...they have some killer 'sims' back in the day... :)

thank you for the 'regular' updates to what is going on...SO NICE! :) unlike some companies who keep you guessing as to what is going on...BF4 is a GOOD example of what NOT TO DO!

keep up the good work!


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