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Helicopter totally freaks out
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Sorry for this bad title but I dont know how to describe the problem. After doing a small stunt with my helicopter my whole computer lagged and my helicopter turned around with a speed of 6000km/h.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a helicopter in a height of 5000m.
  2. Control the helicopter straight to the ground (until you get a realy high speed), after a while your engine stops working.
  3. Restart and the engine sometimes and try to control the helicopter.

After a few seconds your helicopter will starts turning around in a very high speed (up to 6000km/h) until the game freezes.(I was unable to close the game because my computer did not react anymore).

Perhabs you need some tries until you can reproduce it.

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I'm also getting awful lag when I activate it in missions, and it makes flying impossible. Fix please BI!

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