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Bring select (new) helicopter features to Fixed Wings
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First thing I must say is that I am absolutely thrilled to see the new helicopter DLC stuff coming to Dev branch and it seems to be working beautifully (for the most part) so far.

Now obviously this whole DLC is for the helicopters, but some of the features added today would actually benefit jets equally (if not more) than it does helicopters.

For instance, wheel brakes, while perhaps useful occasionally on helicopters, are extremely useful for fixed wing aircraft, to hold the plane in place while the engines run up to full power for takeoff.
This is a *requirement* if the aircraft is to take off of shorter runways, because the distance lost (while the aircraft slowly rolls as power increases) is distance that is wasted on the runway, and prevents the jet from taking off in time.

Another feature that would be nice to see is the new ToH style power level, which normally conveys the collective level.
If this were ported to fixed wing, it would make the power level of the jets more clear to the pilot, instead of just holding their throttle up key the whole time they fly like they're playing Battlefield or something.
This would also require pilots to keep closer tabs on their fuel-spending (if afterburners, etc were implemented).

While we're on the topic of fuel, the effect of fuel/armament load would also be an interesting thing to see come to fixed wings. A pilot may have to make the choice to jettison all his weapons or face losing a dogfight with another (lightly loaded) pilot.

And finally, the effect of wind would add depth to landing/taking off, as pilots would have to know to take off and land into the wind, or risk being blown off the end of the runway. This also goes for crosswind, where players will have to use their pedals to counteract the wind blowing them off course.

Since these features already exist, I assume it would be a (relatively) simple matter to bring the functionality to jets.
Thank you


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EDIT: The more recently implemented feature which disables throttle-up engine start would also be a nice addition to fixed wings (as well as all vehicles, for that matter).

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Important features: wheel brakes, new throttle system

Nice-to-haves: Wind effect, fuel/weapons weight effect, remove power-up engine start

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Bohemia added a subscriber: B00tsy.Aug 5 2014, 8:46 AM

I don't really understand what "acknowledged" means.
I've had previous tickets marked as this, and then after that they kind of just got swept under the carpet and ended up lost in the tracker somewhere.
Does acknowledged actually mark this as anything special/noteworthy, or is it kind of a 'maybe but yeah no'?
Just curious :(

Iceman added a comment.Aug 5 2014, 9:56 AM

It means that a developer (in this case me) reads the ticket and watches the comments. Some of the tickets are then used as source for feature implementations, some of them not. There is always a discussion within the development team, we take the requests seriously and build our analysis and concepts around them.
As for the request itself, the RotorLib will surely have some tweaks and some features may be added to other assets as well, but I cannot promise anything right now. That's why I only acknowledged the ticket.

Ahh, interesting. Thank you for the clarification (and quick response). I really do appreciate you guy's hard work in the tracker.


"For instance, wheel brakes, while perhaps useful occasionally on helicopters, are extremely useful for fixed wing aircraft"

you should place dawn a helicopter on stratis airbase and put wind to max. leave the engine off and disable wheel brakes. the wind will push you right of the island.

I agreed with this idea, +1.

I will already be extremely happy if you guys add wind guts to fixed wings, can't be that time intensive to implement right?

Would like to see that Fixed-Wing gets more love! Got my vote.

@Stuffedsheep that's interesting, I have yet to experiment much with wheel brakes. I tried to do a running landing like a plane and promptly exploded so I assumed that rolling wheels were still in the works. I'll go try that out!

Wheel brakes are also very important when landing on slopes. Without them you just roll down the hill.