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Landing without Landinggear
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If you land, without having the Gear extended, you will kind of sink into the ground, blow up, and then get catapulted up in the air.


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Take a Helicopter with retractable landing-gear and try to land.

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You are right sr.
I tried the slowest descent rate that I could, but the helicopter sink into the ground and blowed up.

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it happens in any game, ArmA 2, ACE, DayZ, TKOH, for some reason the game thinks that water can blow you up. You are better ejecting from the aircraft before touchdown and swimming away

Had the issue as well.
and it's not in water, it sinks trough the ground.

I also tried auto rotating down which works like a dream, landed softly without damage, then the heli tilted and the rotor hit the ground. instant explosion.... which makes auto rotation still more or less impossible....

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confirmed and upvoted

Can we get a Realism OPTION (in settings) to MANUALLY control the helicopter landing gear?

It's already a feature.

This is fixed now I think.