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All IFV's: no internal lights in infantry compartment
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How much light is in the infantry compartment depends on the time of day, it can be moderately dark early in the morning or pitch black at night in the cabin. This feels strange and unrealistic.

The cabin should have its own light, especially since it is closed off from natural light.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Place any IFV in the editor
  • Take a seat as a passenger
  • Change time of day to early morning and night
  • Observe how the lighting changes in the cabin
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I guess this is a symptom of the fact that armored vehicles are underdeveloped in the game? I played OFP for years and they had (at least for the crew compartment) interiors lights. I'm still throwing 2 kittens on the sacrifical fire each night in the hope that BIS will dedicate a specific project to improve armored vehicles (the interiors and in general).

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A couple of questions:

  • Would these lights actually be used in real life? (In combat situations etc.)
  • Which colour would the lights be? Standard white, red, green/blue?
  • Would they be togglable? (Maybe passengers would be able to toggle them with the L key?)

I hope we get to hear from people with actual experience but here's my two cents:

  • Without lights, the compartment would be pitch black as soon as someone would close the door. NV goggles could be used, but does all infantry have them? Would infantry use NV goggles during the day when riding in their carriers? Soldiers would need them to read maps or check equipment during the ride. Just thinking about non-combat situations. There will definitely be lights on board.
  • In the game, the internal light is the outside light, which looks strange when it is 'dusk' etc. in your IFV
  • Low lights or lights off could be useful IRL a short time before disembarking to get used to night illumination

I'm curious what the light color should be. For me, the lights would not have to toggleble necessarily, that's maybe a little too much detail compared to the other vehicle functions.

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Yes, lights are used inside enclosed compartments suck as in IFVs. Red is the color used when light discipline is needed, as Red is the least visible color at ranges (Plus it doesn't destroy your night vision). These lights are really useful for reading maps or just not tripping over your own boots. Also used in helicopters, cargo aircraft, aircraft cockpits, etc. There are also white lights in some vehicles, but these are usually used during the day or when stealth / night vision is not an issue.

Having interior lights would be an amazing feature for Arma 3. I hate being blind inside the IFVs.