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Unable to revive unconcious players in MP
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Sometimes, quite often, when playing in the medic role while carrying both med packs and a medical kit I come across players that cannot be revived because the game refuses to give me the revive/drag/carry option.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Play a multiplayer game running a mission such as Invade and Annex or Insurgency which provides for medic roles.
  2. Slot in as a medic.
  3. Ensure there are med packs and a medical kit in your loadout.
  4. Go into the field and try to revive downed players.
  5. Eventually you will run into someone that cannot be revived.

If you gather a significantly sized team of testers together and have them walk recklessly into the face of an enemy squad or tank or lfrit or something else deadly, without attempting to survive, such that they all die nearly immediately, it will likely be very easy to reproduce it quickly.

Additional Information

Sometimes one medic can revive while another cannot. Sometimes the downed player that cannot be revived can be dragged and carried, usually this is not the case. I have never seen the case where you can drag but not carry or carry but not drag. Sometimes dragging or carrying the downed player to a different location will enable the revive option...however this is rare. Most of the time if you cannot revive the guy, you also cannot carry or drag him. Sometimes when you cannot revive or drag or carry some other player can, and then you can occasionally get the revive/drag/carry options to appear if they do so. The bug seems to me extremely sporadic but quite common indeed.

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In default Arma 3 there's no unconscious/incapacitated state, no dragging, no carrying nor is there a revive feature. There's just alive, wounded and dead. You're either playing with a mod or a community made gamemode/mission.

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What L3TUC3 said. Now close the ticket.

See L3TUC3's comment. We can't fix user-made content, you need to report this issue to the author of given mod/mission. Thanks