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Engine needs to long to shutdown
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I dont know for what reason ArmA needs 2-3 minutes (sometimes more) until its closed. When I close ArmA I can see in Task Manager how the used RAM is getting lower very slow.

I my opionion Arma should just save the current confings and just kill the own process like the taskmanager does.

Dont know whether its depening on hardware, thats why I added the dxdiag. {F24452}


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are you using any mods?

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Yeah of course, a bunch of mods. Are they the reason for the loading time?

Most likely. The problem is that they are third-party and we cannot guarantee game behaviour when they are in use. When you deactivate them, is the problem gone?

Any way to get to know which mod is responsible for that?

Only by switching the mods on and off.

yes, turn each mod on and off, load the game and see if the prob is still there. ;-)
sometimes mods are in conflict with eachother.

btw, only use clear game without any mods to be sure if any prob belongs to BIS.
greetings bsr