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Certain guns shoot WAY right with the ARCO.
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Typically DMR's, LMG, and ANY mod guns shoot way right with the ARCO. (with the MK18 ABR it always does this)

I notice this glitch pops up every now and again.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get a DMR, LMG, or any mod gun (for sure the MK18 ABR though)
  1. Equip ARCO
  1. Fire at medium range target.
Additional Information

Thought maybe my custom FOV did this, but I reset it and it still persists, other players I play with also notice it and none of them ever had non-standard FOV's.

Like I said, various 3d Scopes have lost their windage zeroing at various versons of the game. Seems sloppy.

Also, the TRG's have the issue too.

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Iceman provides a video comparing different scopes without mods in #19257.

After I've seen that, I'm convinced about the problem.

Side effect: This post is a duplicate and will get closed.

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Closing as duplicate.

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